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The Canadian Red Book 
The Canadian Red Book Vehicle Valuation Guide is designed for easy reference and provides used car and truck values projected from thorough studies of the used car market in the greater Toronto area where a large volume of auto sales data is available. It is published for the Canadian motor vehicle retail trade and companies involved in vehicle finance, insurance and related business. They are based out of Oakville Ontario.

They note that used car and truck values vary depending upon condition and mileage of the vehicle. The market value of a very clean or "sharp" vehicle will be higher than on a rough, non reconditioned or high odomoter reading vehicle. Their figures are based on an average vehicle reconditioned to meet both the safety and visual standards to satisfy a retail sale.

It is important to remember that used car prices are always moving. Knowledge of the local market is your greatest asset. If you are contemplating buying or selling in the near future, start now by checking used car websites like Canadian Used Autos. Get a feel for what other people are asking for similar vehicles to the one you want to buy or sell and estimate that a fair market value is something lower.

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